Activity 6 - The Play

Now that you understand all of the important aspects in making orange juice, it is time to put it all together in a play!

Here is the scenario or plot of the play:


It is prime orange growing season in Florida. All of a sudden, a huge storm blows in and the temperatures drop from warm 85 degrees to below freezing temperatures of 28 degrees. All orange growers know that frost will kill many of their oranges. The farmers are lighting their smudge pots in the field that act as portable heaters to try to warm up the crops. Look at this Internet site to see what a smudge pot looks like.

All of the orange growers are frantically trying to save their orange crops. Out in the fields, the growers are losing a large portion of their crops. By the time the storm leaves, the orange growers have lost 60 percent of their crops.

According to this chart, the majority of the crops were damaged by frost. Draw your own chart, and color in the side that shows 60% crop loss. See if you can make your chart look like an orange!

This terrible loss has impacted many more people than just the orange growers. The loss of crops has impacted the growers, the field workers, the processing plant workers, the transportation employees, the grocery store owners, and the consumers.

Before beginning the play, write a sentence or two explaining how the crop loss impacts each of the following people:

Now, with your teacher's help, you will choose one of the characters from the list above and act out how the frost has impacted your character.

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