Activity 5 - Transporting the Orange Juice

After the orange juice has been bottled, somehow the bottles or cartons need to get from the processing plant in Florida to the store where they will be sold in Wisconsin. Using a map of the United States, draw the best route from Florida to Wisconsin. Remember that the juice must stay fresh and cold through the entire trip. Think about the following questions as you plan your route:

  1. What type of transportation are you going to use to transport the orange juice? You could use either a truck, a train, or a boat, but be sure to explain your choice of transportation. Using a plane would be very, very expensive so that is not an option.
  2. How are you going to make sure the orange juice stays fresh during transportation?
  3. What time of year would be best for transporting the juice? Why is that important?
  4. What type of land will you be traveling through and why is that important?

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