Activity 3 - The Orange Juice Factory

After experimenting with an orange, let's take a tour showing how orange juice is made in Florida.

After taking your tour, write one or two sentences to answer the following questions.

  1. What does a "trunk shaker" do?
  2. How do the oranges get from the field to the factory?
  3. How are the oranges cleaned?
  4. How are oranges checked for quality?
  5. What would happen if the oranges were not checked for quality and some bad oranges made it through to become bad juice?
    • What might happen to the consumer?
    • What might happen to the store waiting to stock the orange juice?
    • What might happen to the entire orange juice industry?
    • How might the orange juice industry fix the problem of bad fruit getting into the juice?
  6. After the oranges are checked, what turns the oranges into juice?
  7. How are the pulp and seed removed from the juice?
  8. What is done with the pulp and seed after they are removed from the juice?
  9. What is the difference between fresh squeezed orange juice and concentrate?
  10. Why is water removed from the juice?
  11. After water is removed from the juice, where is the juice stored?
  12. Once the juice has been processed, what must happen before it is sent to the market?
  13. Describe the different types of containers that you have seen that hold orange juice. What are they made of?

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