Saving California's Desert
The Desert Wildlife is very fragile

The plants and animals that live in the Mojave desert are very fragile. The things that humans do in the desert can effect the plants and animals that live there. It is important to know how our actions effect the desert wildlife, so that we do not harm it!


People love to Visit the Desert

When people visit the desert, the things they do often hurt the wildlife. Off road vehicles such as 4X4's, motorcycles, and ATV's strip the desert's topsoil, and make it hard for plants to grow. When plants can't thrive, it effects all other animals living in the desert.

Sometimes people can harm or destroy desert animals and their homes by not being careful. The desert is full of endangered animals due to human carelessness.

An endangered animal is one that is in danger of becoming extinct. When an animal becomes extinct, there are no more of that certain animal alive on the planet.

Using Desert Land

People have used the desert land for many different things. People used to let too many cattle graze in the desert. They also let poison from silver and gold mines get too near streams which hurt the desert plants. Now there are laws which protect the desert from some of these threats.



Citizens of the city of Barstow live in the midst of the Mojave desert and are worried about the stress on the water supply with so many new people moving to the desert. The city planning commission is holding a competition to select the builder with the most water efficient homes. As a building contractor in the area, you want to submit a plan for the competition.

As a class project, research the amount of water that is used everyday in each person's home.

Bring in estimates of the water used and what uses it was put to. Make a chart on the board and discuss different ways to conserve water that you have tried.

In designing your house plan, try to figure out ways to do those jobs with less water. You may present you plan on a poster but it helps to use graph paper to do your draft plan. Do forget to make a drawing to go with the plan so that the planning commission will understand what the house will look like.






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