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Ancient People of the Desert


Native Americans in the Mojave Desert

Modern People of the Desert




Ancient People of the Desert

Hundreds of years ago, people were living in the Mojave Desert. We don't know very much about these people, but we can see proof that they were here in the rocks!!!
There are very old rocks in the Mojave Desert that have drawings on them called Petroglyphs. Nobody knows why they were made. But some people think that they were made by the Chemehuevi Indians in the 1500's.


These are two examples of petroglyphs that ancient people drew onto rocks in the Mojave Desert.


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Native American Indians in the Mojave Desert

Cahuilla Indians of the Mojave

Historically, the Cahuilla (Ka-we-ah) Indians lived in the Mojave desert. Like other Native American people, they relied on their environment to live. They made many things from the mesquite tree. They used mesquite wood, bark, and leaves to build their homes. They also used the Mesquite for food! They made tea out of the seeds, ate dried and ground mesquite seed pods, and ate roasted mesquite flowers!


The Cahuilla Indians wore rabbit fur in the winter. During the hot summer, men wore loin cloths, and the women wore skirts made of Mesquite bark.
Links to more Chauilla Indian websites: The Cahuilla Indians Chauilla Indians: Volume 15


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Modern Desert People
"Desert Rats" People love to go to the desert to have fun. You can hike, camp, horseback ride, and even rock climb!

Desert Studies Center in Zzyzx HTTP:// The Desert Studies Center is a place where students and scientists can go to study desert wildlife. Visit the website; there are many beautiful photos of the Mojave desert!

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