Animals of the Mojave Desert


Coyotes live in a hole or a den. Their den protects them from the heat and the wind. Coyotes eat almost anything. They hunt during the day or at night.


Western Diamondback Rattlesnake

The color of a rattlesnake blends with its background. It can "feel the heat" of its prey, so it can hunt in the day or the night.


Bats bats.html

Some bats sleep or hibernate in the winter when there is no food. They make a high-pitched sound, called sonar, that helps them to fly at night.

Red Tailed Hawk

A hawk is a bird of prey. It kills small animals for food. It has long sharp claws to kill its prey.

The Desert Tortoise

The desert tortoise eats cactus, grasses, and wildflowers from March until June. They store fat and water in their bodies and dig holes to live in during the hot summers. They come out again in the

autumn when the weather is cooler.





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