Sample Party Faction Descriptions

Party Faction: The EcoRagers

Your party has come onto the political scene with a great impact of late. Your place is on the left side of the political spectrum because you espouse liberal attitudes towards the protection of the environment. You have little confidence in people in general and business in particular when it comes to doing the right thing with regards to protecting our natural resources. You, therefore, depend largely on the government to enact and enforce legislation to provide the protection you feel the environment needs. You are willing to foot the bill, if necessary, with higher taxes. You also realize that, unfortunately, jobs may be lost in some industries such as the timber business due to moves made to support your stance. In looking at the big picture, you maintain that such setbacks are minor in comparison to salvaging our world for future generations. You are looking for lawmakers with the courage to see your side of the argument over the environment.


Party Faction: The Crusaders

You feel that the deterioration of the American family is the biggest problem in America today. The failure to allow prayer in schools, the popularity of pro-choice forces, the increase of one parent families and the sad state of our entertainment industry are but just a few of the reasons that you cite as causing the downfall of our society. You may find your location on the spectrum on the conservative right. While you maintain that the individual's right to make the important moral decisions for his family is sacred you would also like government's support in this area by upholding our traditions. You, for example, would oppose same sex marriages and would not want to see benefits given to unmarried couples.