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Units: Democratic Process, Constitutional Issues, Local Government

Lesson Purpose- To engage students in the decision making process so as to

encourage them to become active citizens upon graduation from high school.


Langauge Arts 11/12

Reading Comprehension: Students read and understand grade level apporpriate material. They analyze the organizational patters, arguments, and positions advanced.

Writing Strategies: Students write coherent and focused texts that convey a well-defined perspective and tightly reasoned argument.

Listening and Speaking: Students formulate adroit judgments about oral communication. They deliver foucsed and coherent presntations of their own that convey clear and distinct perspectives and solid reasoning.

History-Social Science 12:

12.5 Students summarize landmark U.S. Supreme Court interpretations of the U.S. Constitution and its amendments in terms of the changing interpretations of the Bill of Rights over time. 12.6 Students evaluate issues regarding campaigns for national state and local elective office in terms of the means that citizens use to participate in the political process. 12.7.6 Students analyze and compare the powers and procedures of ....local governments and the process of lawmaking at each ...level including the role of lobbying and media.

Adaptations for Special Needs Students

Depending on your class size, you may speed up, slow down, add to or eliminate parts of the lesson to suit your classes needs and abilities.

For the Teacher- Depending on your school s policies regarding dress codes/uniforms, you may want to use this lesson as way of informing the students the reasons behind a decision such as this and the steps that are taken by schools to combat outside influences that take away from the learning process. This lesson could also be used as test case by a school, that is currently pondering a change in dress policy where the students can take an active role in gathering the data and then as a concluding activity, share their results with the school board and school administrators. Since this is a potentially divisive issue, this lesson could help to diffuse tensions amongst students and administrators and actually help them to work together.

Written by:

David R. MacDonald
Fillmore Middle School
Fillmore USD



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