June Holidays ~ Student Guide

Activity 1
Father's Day is a time set aside to honor dads and thank them for all they do to help us in our lives. Think of some words of love or thanks that you would like to write to your dad or another special man in your life. Your teacher will help you type a note at this Father's Day website.
Another important holiday in June is Flag Day. It is celebrated on June 14. The flag has changed many times over the years as more and more states were added to the United States of America. Betsy Ross sewed the first flag by hand. It had thirteen stars in a circle. This stood for the first thirteen states.


Activity 2
In this activity you will look at many different American flags.

Please Click here and answer the questions below:


Activity 3

Listen as the information about how to respect the American flag is read to you. Then draw a picture that shows one thing you remember about how to show respect for the flag.

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