September Holidays ~ Teacher's Guide

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Activity 1 Circle of Friends

Activity 2 Circle of Friends Coloring pages.

Activity 3 International Act of Kindness Email Report

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Act of kindness
Collecting food
Feeding hungry people

Multi-cultural holidays

Other Projects and Ideas:
International Acts of Kindness Day (IAKD) will be celebrated on September 25, 1998 and you are invited to join in the celebration! The purpose of IAKD is to allow everyone an opportunity to express the human potential for kindness on that date.
If you would like to participate, please do one or both of the following:
(1) Perform at least one act of kindness on September 25, 1998 that you would not have otherwise performed. It can be as simple as a smile, as direct as a donation to a charity, sending someone a note of thanks or a special expression of your own creation;
(2) Invite at least 3 other people to join you in doing a special act of kindness on this day.

All About Me Box
Materials: shoebox, crayons, paints, scissors, magazines, drawing paper, photographs, small favorite items.
Directions: 1. Discuss with children how each person is special.
2. Invite children to each create an All About Me Box by
coloring or painting the outside of a shoebox.
3. Have children cut pictures of favorite things and
interests from magazines to add to the box. Children can
also draw pictures of favorite things. Some things for
children to think about including in their boxes are
pictures of a favorite toy, color, food, activity or animal.
Children may also want to include photographs of their
families, their pets, or their class.
4. Have children share their boxes with you and discuss
the things that are special. Compare those items with the
things you consider special.

Videos may be ordered from: Cooperating School Districts, Inc. (CSD)
Catalog Number: 12551 Run Time: 15 minutes
Video: 1977
Program Title: Columbus Day
Synopsis: April uses an original song and slides to tell Doodle the story of Christopher Columbus. She explains the reasons for his voyage, and uses a globe to trace Columbus's route which led to his discovery of the New World.

In 1492
Marzollo, Jean.
Rhyming text describes Christopher Columbus's first voyage to the New World

Patriotic Fun  

Corwin, Judith Hoffman.
Describes customs, crafts, and activities for eight holidays, including George Washington's Birthday, Flag Day,
Labor Day, and Columbus Day.

Celebration: The story of American holidays  

Penner, Lucille Recht.
Presents the origins and history of thirteen holidays, such as Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Halloween. Also includes songs,
maps, speeches, handicraft, and recipes.
Best Friends
by Miriam Cohen
Macmillan 1971 (32p) also paper
Kindergarten classmates Jim and Paul realize that they are best friends.
Lizzie and Her Friend
by David Martin
Candlewick 1993 (24p)
Lizzie and a friend have fun playing with water.
A Boy, a Dog, a Frog, and a Friend
by Mercer Mayer
Puffin (32p)
A boy, his dog, and his frog go fishing and catch a turtle which becomes their friend.
Do You Want To Be My Friend?
by Eric Carle
Crowell 1971 (32p) also paper
A small mouse has a hard time finding a friend.
The Friend
by John Burningham
Candlewick 1994 (24p)
A boy describes the ups and downs of his friendship with Arthur.
Margaret and Margarita/Margarita y Margaret
by Lynn Reiser
Greenwillow 1993 (28p)
Despite language barriers, Margaret and Margarita meet in the park and play together. In English and Spanish.
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