May Holidays ~ Teacher's Guide

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Activity 1 - Students visit a monarch butterfly site and answer questions.
Butterfly one
Butterfly two
Butterfly three

Activity 2 Select Flowers to color for mother:

Activity 3 A puzzle about what does not fit.
Help mom clean up the place.,k

Other May Links:
Life Cycle of Butterfly Activity Pages
Ideas for Mother's Day Presents
Write Message: "Why I Love My Mother or Father"

Other May Projects and Ideas:
Make a balancing butterfly.
1. Color and cut out the butterfly pattern.
Tape a penny to tip of each wing.

2. Discuss symmetry in nature.

3. Butterflies and moths are symmetrical. They have two equal sides. Symmetry means balanced proportions. What other examples of symmetry have you seen? Butterflies are examples of bilateral symmetry.


Plant a cup of seeds:

Videos may be ordered from: Cooperating School Districts, Inc. (CSD)
Catalog Number: 04601 Run Time: 15 minutes
Video: 1993
Program Title: America's Special Days: Independence Day(s)
"America's Special Days" salutes Independence Day (July 4), Cinco de Mayo (May 5) and Seis de Septembre (September 16). Our guide Francesca takes us to Washington, D.C. where we visit the
Thomas Jefferson Memorial. We visit Jefferson at his home in Monticello; then we go to Philadelphia
to see the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. Francesca explains some of the symbols of our freedom
like the eagle, the Liberty Bell and some symbols on our money. We visit several Fourth of July
celebrations. Mexican Independence Days are celebrated with parades, dancing and carnivals.
Catalog Number: 12562 Run Time: 15 minutes
Video: 1977
Program Title: Celebrate! 25. Mother's Day / Father's Day
Mr. Zippy tells Doodle why Mother's Day and Father's Day are very special, and how they got
started. Mother's Day and Father's Day celebrations in other countries are discussed. Using
slides and music, Doodle tells why his mom and dad are very special.
Catalog Number: 12561 Run Time: 15 minutes
Video: 1977
Program Title: Celebrate! 26. Memorial Day
The meaning and origin of Memorial Day are discussed. Slides and music are used to review the
Civil War. Doodle learns about Memorial Day services held at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
in Washington, D.C., and the significance of the paper poppy.

The Carrot Seed - Krauss
The Rose in My Garden - Lobel
The Reason For A Flower - Heller
The Tiny Seed  - Carle
Growing Vegetable Soup - Ehlert
One Watermelon Seed - Lottridge
See My Garden Grow - Mancure
Pumpkin Pumpkin - Titherington
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