June Holidays ~ Teacher's Guide

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Activity 1 Students post a note to dad or grandfather.

Activity 2 History of American Flags http://www.bigriver.net/ourflag/flag001.html


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Select Father's Day online coloring page
Father's Day Card # 1
Father's Day Card # 2
Father's Day songs

Other Projects and Ideas:

Art and Social Studies Activity
In this activity children make a United States flag collage. They understand
that the flag is a national symbol, explain what the stars and stripes stand
for, and appreciate the role national symbols play in our society.
What You Need
What to Do

1. Discuss with children where they might have seen the American flag flown. Use their responses to make a list of these places.

2. Have children search through magazines or newspapers to find pictures or draw their own pictures that show these places.
3. Help them to write "Our Flag" at the top of the paper.
4. Have children arrange their pictures on the paper the way they want them to appear, then glue the pictures on the paper.

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Videos may be ordered from: Cooperating School Districts, Inc. (CSD)
Catalog Number: 12562
Video: 1977
Run Time: 15 minutes
Program Title: Celebrate! 25. Mother's Day/Father's Day
Mr. Zippy tells Doodle why Mother's Day and Father's Day are very special, and how they got started. Mother's Day and Father's Day celebrations in other countries are discussed. Using slides and music, Doodle tells why his mom and dad are very special.
Catalog Number: 12554
Program Title: Celebrate! 27. Flag Day
Video: 1977
Run Time: 15 minutes
April sings an original song which introduces Doodle to several flags. Doodle learns about honoring the American flag and the symbolism of its design and colors. Betsy Ross is identified as the person who may have designed America's first flag.

All About The Flag We Love, by Pam Ryan
The Flag We Love is a picture book on the American flag. It is written in simple poetry with a short facts section on each page. Beginning with the stars and stripes, it depicts the emotions and symbolism associated with the flag.


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