January Holidays ~ Teacher's Guide

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Activity 1 Happy New Year's Cards
Happy New Year's Card Addresses:
Your students may send a Happy New Year's Card to a secret friend in one of these classes. They should tell them what they are studying in Kindergarten and wish them a Happy New Year .
Miss Boling's Class
Mrs. Collin's Class
Mrs. Norton's Class
Mrs. Goyak's K-2 Multiage Class 

Postcards to choose from:

Activity 2 Click here to go on an online adventure with Curious George.

Other January Links:
Multi-cultural holidays
I Have A Dream Speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.
Links for Dr. King http://deil.lang.uiuc.edu/web.pages/holidays/King.html

New Year's Fun http://www.billybear4kids.com/holidays/newyears/fun.htm (lots of fun activities for New Year's)


Other Project Ideas:
Among ancient peoples the beginning of the year was determined by such events as the spring or autumnal equinox or the winter or summer solstice. New Year's Day dates vary because of the differences that arose between the Julian and Gregorian calendars. The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, comes in September or October. The Chinese New Year occurs on the first day of the lunar year. The traditions of celebration vary from such customs as that in Africa where all fires are extinquished on the last day of the year so that new ones may be lit on New Year's Day to a North African Muslim ritual of leaping over bonfires to purify the soul from evil. Keep a large calendar in the classroom throughout the year to record the different dates of holidays worldwide.


Videos may be ordered from: Cooperating School Districts, Inc. (CSD)


Catalog Number: 12565 Runtime: 15 minutes

Video Production: 1977
Program Title: Celebrate! Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur
April demonstrates a Shofar, a ram's horn sounded to signal the beginning of the Jewish New Year. Using slides and music, April relates the history and faith of the Jewish people regarding the origins of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur.

Catalog Number:12563 Run Time: 15 minutes

Video Production: 1977
Program Title: Celebrate! 14. New Year's
April tells Mr. Zippy and Doodle about the origins of New Year's Day. She compares the ancient Roman celebrations to those of today, and explains other customs of the holiday.

Catalog Number: 12560 Run Time:15 minutes

Video Production Yr.: 1977
Program Title: Celebrate! 15. Martin Luther King, Jr.
April explains the struggle for equality waged by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Photo's of Dr. King's campaign are shown, as April discusses his quest for peace and justice.

A Selection of books for the New Year:
(Books for Teachers to Read Aloud)
Hats Off to Hair!
by Virginia Kroll
Charlesbridge 1995 (32p)
A poetic tribute to all kinds of hair, from cornrows and crew cuts, to pigtails and spikes.
Andrew's Bath
by David McPhail
Little 1984 (32p)
Andrew fills his tub with imaginary friends while taking his first bath alone. Available in Spanish as El bano de Andres.
Honey, I Love
by Eloise Greenfield
Harper 1995 (20p)
This poem celebrates the everyday things a young girl loves.
Grandmother's Chair
by Ann Herbert Scott
Clarion 1990 (32p)
A girl inherits the chair her mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother owned.
Hard to Be Six
by Arnold Adoff
Lothrop 1991 (32p)
A boy describes the difficulties of being six.
What Is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?
by Margaret Friskey
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