February Holidays ~ Teacher's Guide

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Activity 1 Students will take an online quiz about President Lincoln.
Activity 2 Students will do online coloring pages:
Select Valentine Coloring Pages.

Other February Links:
Multi-cultural holidays
Jan Brett Coloring Pages http://www.janbrett.com/valentine_coloring_page.htm
President's Day Activity
Select George Washington coloring pages.

Other Projects and Ideas:

Valentine's Day Project: The Love Book

Display the books, then send the books home to parents as Valentine's Day gifts.

Videos may be ordered from: Cooperating School Districts, Inc. (CSD)
Catalog Number: 38280 Run Time: 10 minutes
Video: 1977
Program Title: Goofy Look at Valentine's Day
There's one special day each year that's dedicated to love--Valentine's Day! It takes a lesson from Cupid's helpers for Goofy to realize the significance of the day, to see how valentine symbols emerged, and how, through the years, people have expressed their love on Valentine's Day. Animated.
Catalog Number: 12559 Run Time: 15 minutes
Video Production: 1977
Program Title: Celebrate! 16. Lincoln
April tells Doodle the story of Abraham Lincoln, the Civil War, and slavery, using slides, music, and quotations. Some of the many ways in which we remember and honor Lincoln are shown and discussed.
Catalog Number: 12573 Run Time:15 minutes
Video Production: 1977
Program Title: Celebrate! 18. Washington
Doodle and April take part in a play to portray the history of the13 original colonies and their quest for freedom. Doodle discusses ways in which we remember and honor George Washington today. April recites lyrics of an old colonial song about Washington.

The Valentine Bears - Bunting
Mama, Do You Love Me? - Joose
Guess How Much I Love You - McBratney
I Promise I'll Find You - Ward
Love You Forever - Munsch
I Love You the Purplest - Joose
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