August Holidays ~ Teacher's Guide


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Activity 1: David Jack's Matching Game Teachers:You will need to download Shockwave before running the matching game. Shockwave is a free program that allows you to use interactive web media sites on your computer. Click here to download Shockwave.
Activity 2: The Slider Game by David Jack. Students will create a picture by sliding blocks into their correct places.

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Family Celebrations: Social Studies/Art Activity
In this activity, children will discuss and illustrate family celebrations.

What You Need

What to Do
1. Discuss with children the idea that families have many special days to
celebrate. Give them some examples, such as birthdays, graduations,
weddings, anniversaries, etc. Ask children what special days they
celebrate with their families. Encourage them to share any traditions
their families may have for these special days. List their answers on
chart paper.
2. Review the list with children and point out that, while many families
celebrate different special days, many also celebrate the same kinds of
3. Next, have each child draw a picture of his or her family celebrating a
special day. They can refer to the list you made for ideas. Help them
to label their pictures. Then have children share their pictures with a
Teaching Options


Videos may be ordered from: Cooperating School Districts, Inc. (CSD)
Catalog Number: 12571 Run Time: 15 minutes
Video: 1977

Program Title: Celebrate! Very Special Day, A


Meet April, an artist, and Doodle the cat, who is an aspiring artist and April's assistant. Both are writing and illustrating a Big Book all About Holidays. Mr. Zippy is their mailman and friend.

A Beach Day
by Douglas Florian
Greenwillow 1990 (32p)
A family spends the day together at the beach.
Just Like Me
by Barbara J. Neasi
Childrens 1984 (32p)
A girl describes what makes her different from her twin sister. Available in Spanish as Iqual que yo.
Make A Face: A Book With a Mirror
by Henry and Amy Schwartz
Scholastic 1994 (24p)
Children show different emotions with their facial expressions.
Kindergarten Kids
by Ellen B. Senisi
Scholastic 1994 (32p)
A kindergarten class talks about a typical day of work and play.
I Like Me
by Nancy Carlson
Puffin 1990 (32p) paper
A pig explains why she likes herself.
All I Am
by Eileen Roe
(Social Studies)
Bradbury 1990 (32p)
A young boy names the many things he is, including a friend, neighbor, and helper.
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