Step 1:

Team Selection- Students should choose or be assigned to teams of no more than 4 delegates.

Step 2:
Position Selection-Each delegation needs to assign members to the following positions.

The Chairperson (1)--This position is responsible for all activities of the delegation will

  • Keeping the delegation on track and on schedule.
  • Organize the delegation and ensure that all tasks are complete and turned in on time.
  • Presenting the delegation's proposals at the UN convention
  • Assist with all research.

    Recorder (1)--This position will

  • keep a written record of the delegation's research (worksheets)
  • Record the delegations proposals for the Student Bill of Rights.
  • Assist with all research(Neat handwriting and/or word processing skills are required for this position)

    Research Assistants (2)--The research assistants will

  • study historical records at the direction of the delegation chairperson.
  • Obtaining and replace all historical records (if necessary).
  • suggest/* proposals for the Student Bill of Rights.

    Step 3:
    Review--As instructed by your teacher, obtain and complete a review worksheet for the Glorious Revolution, the American Revolution, and the French Revolution.

    Step 4:

    Research--As instructed by your teacher, obtain and complete a research worksheet for the

  • English Bill of Rights
  • The Declaration of Independence
  • the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen, and the US Bill of Rights

Step 5:
Proposals--Once you have completed your review and your research, you may now begin drawing a list of proposals for the U. N. Student Bill of Rights. Your proposals should be serious and address problems found throughout history as well as situations that currently face students around the world. Your proposals should be written/typed in clear and organized fashion.

Step 6:
Presentation--Each delegations' chairperson will present their proposals to the other delegates at the convention. After each presentation, the delegates will vote as to which of the proposals should be adopted as part of the UN Student Bill of Rights.