The Glorious Revolution Quiz

    1. When did the Glorious Revolution take place?


    2. Who was the Leader of England at the time of the Glorious Revolution?

    King James II
    KIng William the Conqueror
    King Henry VIII
    Queen Victoria

    3. What religion was King James II?

    Roman Catholic

    4. Why was King James' religion a problem for the members of Parliament and the people of England?

    They feared the Pope would come to England.
    They were afraid that he would want to make Catholicism the official religion.
    They fear the Protestan in England would move to America
    They wanted to make the official religion of England Baptist.

    5. Before the Glorious Revolution, who did Parliament and the people of England hope would become the next monarch of England?

    The people of England wanted James I's cousin, Virginia to become queen because she was honest and would protect the rights to the English.
    William III, because he was an Anglican Protestant.
    They hoped that James II's daughter, Mary would become queen because she was a Protestant.

    King George II

    6. How was this hope dashed?

    James II's daughter died during childbirth.
    James II's brother lead a revolution.
    James II's wife gave birth to a son who became heir to the English throne.
    All of the above

    7. What did Parliament do after the birth of James's son?

    Designed a complex assissination plot to kill James and his son.
    Summoned an army and stormed the palace, overthrowing King James.
    Offered the throne to James's daughter, Mary, and her husband, William.
    Converted to Catholicism.

    8. What did James II do when William of Orange invaded England?

    Challenged William of Orange to a duel.
    Led the English Army in to the Great Battle of the Glorious Revolution against William of Orange.
    Fled to France.
    Resigned as King, and retired in Spain.

    9. What is meant by the term, "bloodless revolution" and how did it apply to the Glorious Revolution?

    A bloodless revolution is one where only soldiers die, not civilians.
    A bloodless revolution is a political upheaval in which the ruling class is removed from power by the common people, without bloodshed. This was accomplished by the London mob in the Glorious revolution.
    A bloodless revolution is a transfer of power between rulers/governments without fighting or deaths. The Glorious Revolution saw the transfer of power from James II to William and Mary without any bloodshed.

    People were killed so quickly, they did not bleed.

    10. How did the Glorious Revolution of 1688 and its aftermath ensure that the English monarchy would thereafter be limited in power?

    Parliament had the power to remove or crown monarchs. The monarch was now subject to rule of law.
    The monarch became a figure head without any say in how the government is run.
    The monarchy became an elected position.
    The kings were just not good leads so the people turned to the Parliament.