The English Bill of Rights Quiz

    1. What was the purpose of The English Bill of Rights?

    The Magna Carta
    The Treaty of Paris
    The purpose of the English Bill of Rights was to set clear limits on royal power.
    The Articles of Confederation

    2. What two monarchs accepted the limits placed on their power?

    King William and Queen Mary.
    To ensure the power of the people
    To give the founding fathers something more to do
    To increase the power of the federal government

    3. What philosophy was done away with in England when William and Mary accepted the Bill of Rights?

    The Mayflower Compact
    The English Bill of Rights ended the belief in the "Divine Right of Kings".
    The US Constitution
    The English Bill of Rights

    4. List three things listed in the English Bill of Rights done by James II.

    The Freedom to have a trial by jury of one's peers
    Made and suspended laws without the consent of parliament, etc...
    The right to bear arms
    The Freedom to international travel

    5. What reasons are stated in the English Bill of Rights for giving William of Orange Power?

    The Townshend Acts
    The Tea Act
    The Stamp Act
    James II abdicated and the throne was vacant.

    6. List three things that the monarch cannot do under the English Bill of Rights.

    Being forced to testify against yourself during a trial
    Housing government soldiers
    The King cannot suspend laws without the consent of Parliament..
    All of the above

    7. What rights are given to Protestants in the English Bill of Rights

    Say what ever you want, whenever you want to
    Own a gun
    They have the right to bear arms for purposes of defense.
    Protest the government when it is wrong

    8. What does the English Bill of Rights say about how often parliament should meet?

    High taxation on imported goods
    Being forced to let soldiers sleep in your home 3
    Parliament should meet frequently.
    The right for all people to vote

    9. According to the English Bill of Rights, can an English monarch be a Catholic or marry a Catholic?

    Being stuck in a long and complicated trial
    Being thrown in jail for practicing the wrong religion
    Being tried in court with out a fair jury

    10. What other two laws were passed in 1689 and 1694?

    1689, Toleration Act, 1694 Triennial Act
    The Magna Carta and the English Bill of Rights
    The French Bill of Rights and the Articles of Confederation
    The Declaration of Independence