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The French Revolution Review Worksheet Answer Key


1. What problems did Louis XIV leave behind for the French after his death?

1. Louis left behind a country burdened with debt and resentment over royal abuse of power.
2. What was the Old Regime?

2. The Old Regime was the system of feudalism left over from the Middle Ages. In it the people of France were still divided into distinct social classes.
3. What were the Three Estates?

3. The Three Estates were the three social classes of the Old Regime.
4. Which Estate carried the hardest burden and what did that cause?

4. The Third Estate carried the hardest tax burden and supported the First and Second Estates. This caused widespread resentment which would eventually lead to the French Revolution.
5. What was the National Assembly?
5. The National Assembly was a name the delegates of the Third Estate gave themselves at the meeting of the Estates-General in 1789.
6. What events immediately preceded the French Revolution?

6.Third Estate gathered weapons and stormed the Bastille, a French Prison.
7. What actions did the National Assembly take to reform French society?

7. The National Assembly passed the Declaration of the Rights of Man and took over church lands to sell in order to pay off France's debt.

8. Why did other countries go to war with France during its Revolution?

8. Austria and Prussia did not want to see the same type of Revolutions occur in their countries.
9. What was the Reign of Terror?
9. The Reign of Terror was the period of time during the French Revolution in which France was governed by Robespierre. It was characterized by the executions of suspected "enemies of the republic" and those whose revolutionary ideas did not coincide with those of Robespierre.
10. What happened in 1799?
10. In 1799, Napoleon was put in charge of the French military and took power in France.