Room l -WALKING - the beginning about 13,000 years ago



Many centuries ago no one lived in what is now the United States. The first people to come to our country came from another continent over a land bridge. This bridge connected the two continents. They walked.

Today the land bridge is no longer there. Instead it is a strait.


This man is part of a tribe that lives in Northern Japan called the Ainu. It is believed that his ancestors walked across the Bering Strait to Alaska. Alaska is on the North American continent. Japan is on the Asian continent.


 This is what the Bering Strait looks like today

This map shows what people think the land bridge might have looked like.


Activity -Can you see where the ice packs were separated? Look at a map of this area today. What changes have taken place in this area through the years? Draw a map of this area today.


This is an Eskimo boat in the Bering Strait today.



Activity - Why do you think people crossed that land bridge? Would you want to be a part of a small group who did that? Find a partner and make a list with reasons to cross to a new country and reasons to stay.

Activity - What would it be like to walk for a long time carrying all you had? For homework, put 3 big books in your backpack. Put your backpack on. Take a walk for 45 minutes without stopping to rest or get a drink. When you get back home, write how you felt. Do you think you could do this from morning to night for a day, a week, a month, a year?