Room 5 - Horse Drawn Vehicles - the 18th century


In other places, people used horses or other big animals and wheels to move people and things. When these people came to America, they brought the idea of using horses and other big animals, like oxen and donkeys, to pull carts and wagons that moved on wheels.


Oxen are stronger than horses and can go farther but in the cities people used horses instead. Why do you think this was so?


Soon horses and wagons of all kinds were being used to take people and things to lots of places.


With a wagon, people could use more horses. They could go faster. They could go farther. They could carry more.

Activity - With a partner, draw a picture of what your local mall or supermarket parking lot would look like if we had only horse drawn vehicles today. Now make a T chart and list advantages of using horse drawn vehicles on one side and advantages of using automobiles on the other side. Which side has more entries?


Activity - With a partner, discuss if you would be able to have a horse and wagon at your home. What would it be like if you did? If other people did too? Would there be problems? What kinds of problems would you have?