Room 4- Horses - the mid 16th century




Horses were brought to America by the Spanish. Now people could go faster and farther on land and did not have to be near water to travel.

Activity - With partner or as a whole group, make a T chart with one side listing the advantages of having and using horses and the other side listing the disadvantages. Make one chart for the time that the Spanish arrived in America (15th century) and one for today - are there any differences?



Visit the International Museum of Horses.

The Spanish also brought the wheel to America. Native Americans did not have the wheel to use to move things.



This picture shows a Native American family using a horse and a travois to transport their belongings.


Find out how the wheel was invented - it took a long time. Go to your on-line encyclopedia, click on browse encyclopedia and then find the letter W - find the listing that includes "wheel" and you should find an entry with information about the invention of the wheel.

Activity - Brainstorm with partner or whole class why the Native Americans did not have the wheel. Think about what kind of societies they had, the resources they had.


Activity - Fill a blanket or sheet with books and try to move the books from one end of the room to the other by pulling or pushing. Now do the same activity but first put the filled blanket or sheet in a wagon (borrowed from Kindergarten) or in a bundle tied behind a tricycle (borrowed from Kindergarten)

Which is easier?