Room 8 - The automobile - 19th century

In the United States Henry Ford began working on ways to go faster. In 1878 he built his first steam engine. In 1893 he built his first internal combustion engine. This is the kind of engine cars use today. In 1896 he built his first automobile.


Other men also worked building automobiles. Some made automobiles which used steam or electricity for power.

Henry Ford did not make the first automobile. He did not make the biggest automobile. He did make automobiles in a way that many people could have automobiles of their own. His engine let people go faster and farther.

Explore the life of Henry Ford.

Learn about the history of the Ford Motor Company.



As time went by, cars got bigger and could go faster. Roads were built. More and more people got cars.

Visit the showroom of Antique Cars and see some important and interesting old cars - vote for your favorite to be included.



Take a trip across country in a 1919 Model T car.

Activity- Keep a family automobile journey log for one week. List who is taking which car where, when and for how long. How many journeys does each car make at the end of a week

Activity - Graph how many cars each family in the class owns. Are there families without cars? How do they go places?

As time went on, the internal combustion engine was also used for motorcycles, trucks, cars and buses.