Teacher Links


Student Gardens

A step by step guide to starting a school garden. Links to Bloom, a program that assists students in planting their gardens.

How To Information Sheets

Information Sheets from The Center for Agroecology at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Includes organic gardening information on topics ranging from worm composting to water conservation.

Ask an Expert

BC Hot House, a commercial grower, has a site with an ask an expert button. They are happy to answer questions from teachers and students.

Ask Dr. Universe

Have an interesting question about plants or gardening? Your class might want to e-mail Dr. Universe, a cartoon cat at Washington State University in Pullman who is your connection to university research. To quote from his web page, "Most important, Dr. Universe is not afraid to ask the questions that need to be asked—like 'What exactly is this ozone stuff, anyway?' 'Why don't spiders stick to their own webs?' and 'Why do men have nipples?'". You can also scroll through previously submitted questions.

The Tele-Gardener

A plot at the University of Southern California that is watered and tended by a robotic arm.
Insect Zoo
The O.Orkin Insect Zoo at the National Museum of Natural History has a section on beneficial insects and their role in pest management and pollunation. Excellent Virtual Tour.
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