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The Task:

Letter from the Pharaoh

As a member of the tomb building team under Ackmet, you will work in an expert group to research your specific job as an Egyptian. All members of your construction group will engage in research and a presentation of your plans for the construction of the pharaoh’s burial place.

Assign members of your construction group, based on 8 members, to the following specific jobs (expert groups):

responsible for the complex plans and construction
You need to draw a mater plan for the king’s entire burial complex. Prepare visuals, including maps and pictures to show the pharaoh where you plan to place structures and why. Construct a model pyramid using realistic looking materials.
surveyors, metal workers, stone masons, carpenters, (plus any others required) Responsible for explanation of materials used, construction techniques, transportation of materials, tools used, housing and care of workers, and any other information found in research.

You need to make visuals , including maps and pictures, to show the pharaoh how you plan to accomplish the actual task of building the structures necessary.
1 Priest & 1 Scribe
responsible for the explanation of the embalming process and all other ceremonies and preparations for the king’s afterlife including items to include in the tomb for the afterlife.

Construct a diorama of the actual tomb to include drawings on the tomb walls, sarcophagus, coffin, as well as item of clothing, furniture, games, and food for the pharaoh’s afterlife.
2 Painters & Sculptors
esponsible for the content of the artwork in the tomb and sculptures around the complex. You are in charge of all the drawings on the walls of the tomb model. Be prepared to explain the significance of the drawing to the pharaoh. You may also make models of other works of art to be displayed in the complex.

Present your plans to the pharaoh for his/her final authorization. You must give him/her a detailed account of how structures will be built including materials to be used, how materials will be acquired , and skilled craftmen to build the monument. The presentation must also include plans for the sculptures, art work, and justification for items in the tomb. The priests must make a detailed presentation for their plans for the pharaoh’s body and its journey to the afterlife. The pharaoh must be pleased with your plans for his life after death.

Create a HyperStudio stack to highlight the important ideas you have researched.

The Process:

Follow these steps carefully:

A. Within your group you need to divide the research tasks. Each person will be responsible for an area to research and share with their group of experts. This information will then be shared with your construction group.

B As you research your area of expertise, be sure to take detailed notes from resources, download images and information from the Internet, always keeping track of where you got your information. Are there any films from the county film service you would like to preview to get information?

C. Present your findings to your expert group. As a group, you will now discuss your opinions or concerns about information found and share resources.

D. When expert groups has sufficient information, share findings with construction group. Together finalize your plan for the burial complex. Decide on a name and characteristics for your pharaoh. Submit plans to the overseer for preliminary critique.

E. Plan your presentation to the pharaoh. Your information needs to be well organized. Construct any models or other visual aids to illustrate your information? Are you going to present in realistic costume?

F. Create a HyperStudio studio stack to highlight the important ideas in your presentation. Import graphics from the web-sites you use for research.


You can go to the SCORE site to find information. The sites are hot linked from there so all you need to do is click on a site. When you reach the SCORE 6th grade list, click on Egypt - Resources

Other information can be found at the following sites:
(I have already searched the Net for sites so we are going to stick to these for our research time. If you have Internet at home and wish to search for additional sites, that would be wonderful.
(Ancient Egypt and Kingdom of Kush)
  (Elementary and middle students can now enjoy locating information on Ancient Egypt!Learn about Ancient Egyptian daily life, Egyptian mummies, Egyptian Hieroglyphics, King Tut (Tutankhamen), Egyptian games, and Archeology.)
Mr. Dowling's Virtual Classroom
( browse the world in an online geography book)

Your Social Studies textbook is an excellent resource for information. There are some books available in the classroom. Students are encouraged to bring any resources they have at home as well as make a trip to the count library.

CD ROM: The Road to Ancient Egypt, Thomas S. Klise company
( 1-800-937-0092)

Videos. Time Life Video Series, Ancient Egypt
Pyramid, by David Macaulay, available at the PBS website.

Learning and Research Advice:

You will need to use information from a variety of resources. Make good use of books, Internet, films, magazines, and educational programs you might see on TV.

It is very important to work as a team on this assignment. The final product requires everyone’s ideas and hard work. To finish on time you will need to spend time at home in addition to your regular homework assignments. Make sure all members are using their time wisely in and out of class!


The whole class will develop a rubric to evaluate the group’s research and presentation. Important elements of the rubric will be, group organization, the presentation itself,.

After you have finished this activity, answer the following question:

What were some of the most important and interesting things you learned about ancient Egypt either from your research or another group’s presentation.


1. What did you learn during this activity that interested you the most?

2. How well did your group work together? How did you solve any problems that you did have? Why do you think group research is important for an activity like this?

3. Was it helpful to use the Internet site to complete your research? Would you use the Internet on a future project to find information?

4.. Is there anything you would do differently next time you do an activity like this?

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