"Oh my chosen workmen , valiant men of proven skill, craftsmen in valuable stone, I am your constant provider. The granaries groan with grain for you. None of you need pass the night in hunger."

As you know I have succeeded my father as Pharaoh of Egypt. May his ba rest in peace. It is now time to begin work on my own pyramid. Ackmet, as my Overseer of Royal Works, you must prepare a burial place that is grander and more magnificent than any of my predecessors. Even my own father’s pyramid seems to hesitate on its ascent to the heavens.

A choice site on the West shores of the Nile must be selected. Work can begin as soon as all plans are approved. Only the finest of materials must be used, limestone from Tura, jewels from the mines.

Submit your plans to the Overseer for his preliminary approval. We shall all meet here in one month’s time for the final presentation of your plans for my authorization. Surveyors, stone masons, carpenters, painters, sculptors, scribes, priests, and architects must all work together to make this the grandest pyramid of all time!


Thank you to Neferchichi's Egyption Graphics