Bringing Content and Language

Development Together

History-Social Science Websites for English Learners

Web Museums - Rich Context-Setting Tool

Chumash Indian Life
  • Sound files to hear the text
  • Short, clear text enriched by graphics

Wappo Indians of Napa County
  • Rebus story
  • Large type is easier to read
  • Support/Comprehension Questions

Annie's Mission
  • Related to student's experience (importance of family)
  • Infusion of primary language in the activity
  • Comprehensible input - Brief segments of text


Problem-based Activities - Support Language Experience

Your Mission: The Last Mission
  • Performance Assessment
  • Larger type
  • Sheltered language (simple sentences, no idioms)

Indus Valley Civilization
  • Sheltered language in story or narrative form
  • Glossary


Castle Builder
  • Graphically rich
  • Vocabulary
  • Team structure creates oral language experience opportunities
  • Utilizes non verbal skills


Islamic Scientific Contribution
  • Questions to guide reading
  • Clear, sheltered language
  • Step-by-step language experience through writing


Not Just a Man's War: Women in the American Civil War 1861-65
  • Dramatization
  • Graphic organizers
  • Vocabulary
  • Connection to life experiences


Documents and Symbols of American Freedom
  • Direct teaching of assumed cultural knowledge


GeoNet Game
  • Self checking using the web quizzes


Civics Lessons in Spanish
  • Primary language support


E-Pals Classroom Exchange
  • Pen pal exchange with students around the world, may be primary language


Computer Generated Translations
  • Create brief primary language selections from simple material with no idioms


Conflict Clean-up: Relief Agencies in Action in a War Torn World
  • Real world connection to curriculum
  • Personal relationship to learning