Teacher Notes

Grade Level:

Grade 12: Principals of American Democracy Units 2 and 3
Rights of Citizens
Responsibilities of Citizens

Lesson Purpose:

This lesson is design to increase students awareness of citizen participation elements of democracy.

Language Arts Standards: Grade 11/12

Grade 12

Reading Comprehension: Students read and understand grade-level-appropriate material.

2.5 Students analyze an author's implicit and explicit philosophical assumptions and beliefs about a subject.

Listening and Speaking Strategies: Students formulate adroit judgments about oral communication.

1.1 Students recognize strategies used by media to inform, persuade, entertain, and transmit culture (e.g., advertising, perpetuation of stereotypes, use of visual representations, special effects, language)

Speaking Applications: Students draw comparisons between the specific incident and broader themes that illustrate the speakers beliefs or generalizations about life.

2.3 Students maintain a balance between describing the incident and relating it to more general abstract ideas.

H/SS Standards Grade 12

12.2 Students evaluate, and take and defend positions on the scope and limits of rights and obligations as democratic citizens, the relationships among them, and how they are secured, in terms of:

3.)the legal obligations of obeying the law, serving as a juror, and paying taxes

4.) the obligation of civic-mindedness including voting, being informed on civic issues, volunteering and performing public service, and serving in the military or alternative service

5.) The reciprocity between rights and obligations, i.e., why enjoyment of one's rights entails respect for the rights of others.

12.3 Students evaluate, take and defend positions on what the fundamental values and principles of civil society are (i.e., the autonomous sphere of voluntary personal, social, and economic relations not part of government), their interdependence, and meaning and importance for a free society...

Adaptations for Special Needs- As a part of the lesson to be produced, the students are encouraged to include adaptations for language needs as well as provide a historical perspective for recent arrivals. Teachers are encouraged to change any part of this lesson to fit specific needs of their particular class.

Teachers can do as little or as much prep work with students ahead of time about the concept of democracy. In order to do this lesson completely as well students should be given 2-3 weeks to complete their work.

One of the web areas listed in the resources section refers to the PBS program, " The American Promise ," and can be obtained either free or for a fee by contacting your local Farmers Insurance Agent. It contains many excellent activities for your students to include in their lessons.