Teacher Notes



Grade - 12 Money and Banking

Lesson Purpose

To provide an understanding for your students about real world investing and the effects of day to day decisions on their financial futures.


History-Social Science Grade 12: Students explain the elements of the United State market economy in a global setting by 1) explaining the process by which competition among buyers and sellers determines the market clearing price 2) predicting the effect of changes in supply and/or demand on the relative scarcity, price and quantity of particular products 3) explaining the role of competitions in a market economy in terms of goods and services produced...and the price of those products, and 4) explaining the functions of the stock market.

Language Arts Grades 11/12 Reading Comprehension: Students read and understand grade-level-appropriate materials by verifying and clarifying facts presented in expository texts by using a variety of consumer, workplace and public documents. Writing Applications: Students write historical investigations that include information from all relevant perspectives, taking the validity and reliability of sources into consideration.

Length of Lesson

One to three weeks depending on the amount of research and
the availability of computers/internet access.

Materials Needed

Internet access is a must and it would help for the teacher to have business sections of newspapers available to students. It might also help to bring in an outside expert such as a Financial Planner and arrange for him/her to address the same scenario or one similar to it to give the students an idea of how to apply the information.

Adaptations for Special Needs Students

It would help some students to expose them to a variety of financial planning software available as freeware on the Internet. This will help to level the playing field of those students who have not been exposed to a financial background.
Allow for more time for research. Not every student will have access to
the internet at home and will be forced to work at school exclusively.
Modify the lesson. Take away or add depending on what you think is


As an extension activity or as a sidelight, you could have your students play a simulation stock market game. One developed by students for students is found at http://tqd.advanced.org/3088/