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You and your team members will be evaluated on the quality and quantity of your presentation as it relates to reeducating the sleepers. Your research and presentation must reflect an accurate portrayal of the events surrounding the Truman Doctrine, its effects and impact on the past 50 years of United States history. The objectives are listed below.

Grading Rubric

Insufficient knowledge of history, preparation of maps and charts are missing or weak. Biographies of key leaders have incorrect information. No primary source material. Presentation lacks preparation. Poster or multimedia provides few artifacts and little information.

Provides main idea of nation's history but only in broad outline form with little detail. Map, charts and timeline presented but with some erroneous or unclear information. Primary sources are weak. Material provides main idea but only in broad outline from with little detail. Poster or multimedia and oral presentation shows main idea but little detail included. Errors are evident. Some research listed but not from a wide variety of sources. Resource evaluations included for some sources but information is not fully evaluated.

Report on history well organized, logical and focused with few errors. Maps and charts are clear and add to the presentation. Biographies of key leaders are interesting. Timeline challenges in an organized, logical and focused way with few errors. Some primary source information is included. Plan is well organized, logical and focused. Presentation is well organized and designed. Poster or multimedia includes commentary that enhances the content. Research comes from a wide variety of sources including primary sources. Resources information completed for each source used.

Strong analysis of the history- political divisions, shown through maps and charts that are rich in depth and precise in detail. Analyzes the challenges of political beliefs during the Cold War period. Has primary source information from the countries people or governments. The presentation includes detailed information on how the nations dealt with each other. Powerful presentation supplemented with strong design, good use of color, and photos. Presentation highly organized and easy to follow. Exceptional facts and vivid descriptions are displayed in an interactive multimedia presentation or artistic group of posters. Research is analyzed thoroughly with a wide variety of sources included with several primary sources included.