Booker T. Washington

This is Booker T. Washington.

He was a teacher. After the Civil War, he helped many African Americans to go to school.

When Booker T. Washington was a young boy, he was a slave on a plantation. This is the cabin in which he and his family lived.

Follow the Red Line with your finger. This is the path that Booker T. Washington's family walked to get to West Virginia.

After the Civil War, all slaves were free.

So Booker T. Washington and his family left the plantation on which they had worked, and walked to their new home in West Virginia.

This is a painting of Booker T. Washington teaching people to read, write, and work.

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This is a picture of the school that Booker T. Washington built. The name of this school is the Tuskegee Institute.

This is a picture of Mr. Washington's children.

Booker T. Washington worked very hard his entire life to help other people to go to school. He was a great American.