First, Prepare a Word Processing Document - Give it a name.

Second, Organize The Product. Your written product will be a multiple paragraph paper. It has four sections. The length of each section may vary, so some sections may be more than one paragraph. Prepare your document so that it has section headings. The four sections of your document, Legal Brief, are:

PART I: A summary of the issue. (Include answers to the questions: Who, What, When, Why and Where about the issue.)

PART II: A summary of the laws that pertain to the issue.

PART III: The summary of the claimants and their viewpoint.
(Describe who each of the groups are by giving a brief background about the group, and then tell why they think they have a claim. This section should be several paragraphs long.)

PART IV: Your legal decision. (Explain your decision. Tell which group has the right to ownership, and why each of the other groups does not get the rights. This section may be a few paragraphs long.)

The Six Traits of Writing you need to think about using in your work.


It is time to present your decision to your class! Here are some ways your teacher may ask you to present your work or they may have an idea of their own. In fact, you may have an idea of your own.

Divide into groups of 4 - 6. Each group will be a jury. Each student will read their legal brief to their group.

After hearing the opinions of all group members, the group must come to a unanimous decision regarding the ownership and share that decision with the class and give the reasons why. Invite a guest from the legal field, such as a judge or lawyer, to hear your presentation. Before the guest arrives, divide the class into three groups. One group for each claimant group; the Spanish, the Aztecs, and the Church. Each group will compile reasons why they have claim why the others do not. Then organize the information into a statement decision that is well supported. After that, each group will select at least one group member to make the presentation to the class and the legal professional.

Finally, ask the legal professional to then write a decision based on the presentations and the facts presented that will be sent to the class.

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