Spanish terms from "Annie's Mission"

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alfarería pottery shop
bahía bay, harbor
barracas huts
calabozo dungeon
campanario bell tower
candalería candle makers shop
cárcel jail
celda jail cell
cementerio cemetery
chapucería cobbler's shop
cocina kitchen
comedor dining room
confesionario confessional
dormitorio de:  
 men's sleeping room
 guests' sleeping room
 women's sleeping room
 priests' sleeping room
 soldiers' sleeping room
herrería blacksmith
huerta orchard
iglesia church
jardín garden
libro book
machete large chopping knife
milpa corn field, wheat field
molino mill
pantano reservoir
plaza exterior outer plaza
plaza interior inner courtyard
prisionero prisoner
puerta secreta trap door
sacristía sacristy (priest's dressing room)
tejedería weaver's shop
Todo está bien. All is well.
uvas grapes
ventana window
vino wine