Create Your Own Exhibit


Now that you have toured the virtual museum it is

time for you to use the information you have

gathered during your tour.


You will form a group with two other students to design an

exhibit for your own museum about the

Ancient Israelites.

Your job is to design an exhibit that will teach other students about the

culture of the Israelite people. Your exhibit must include accurate maps,

examples of artifacts, and examples of how legends and stories

reflect their culture and beliefs.

Your exhibit may include other interesting information you uncover in your

research. Your exhibit must include a free standing display as well

as a written report. The research of the curator, historian and

anthropologist must be equally represented in the design.

Each person in your group will have a job with their own


The jobs are:

Curator: Your job as curator is to research the culture of the

Israelite people.

Your job will include: reading legends and

stories to learn about the lifestyle and beliefs of these people.

    You will do research to answer questions

such as "How did the Israelite people find food and water?",

"How did the Israelite people dress?" and "What parts

of their environment did they use for food, tools and shelter?"


Anthropologist: Your job is to research the clues to the Israelite culture

that have been left behind. Your job will be to do research to find answers to

questions such as

    "What did the Israelite people look like?" ,

    "What did their buildings look like?",

    "What building materials did they use?"

    "What types of tools and weapons did they have?"

    "What did their religious ceremonies look like?"


Historian: Your job is to research the history of the Israelite people.

You will also

    investigate the influence that the geography and climate had upon the

Israelite people research to find out about the influence

other historical groups, such as the Assyrians, Egyptians and Romans,

had upon the Israelite people. 

Your exhibit will be evaluated by the following standards. 

When you have finished with your exhibit,

there are other activities you may want to do.