Our Visit to the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens



While taking the tour at the Home and Gardens, keep your eyes and ears open! Find clues that help you answer the items below. Look through all the items with your partner before the tour. You may find any of the answers at any time. When you find an answer, write the answer in the space provided. Good luck and have fun!

Find two plants that have grafts:


Luther Burbank tried to "breed" plants that had specific characteristics. Can you find plants that represent each of the five senses?






Can you find a plant that has many different colors, not including all its shades of green?

What kind of plants do butterflies like? Why?

What kind of plants do birds like? Why?

What plant do you think is the prettiest? Why?

What plant do you think is the most unusual? Why?

What plant do you think is the most useful to humans? Why?

What was the most interesting Burbank fact that you learned today?

What was your favorite part about this visit to the Home and Gardens?

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