Famous Burbank Plants

Luther Burbank is credited with creating over 800 new plant species during his lifetime! Here are a few of his most famous creations. Some of these are widely grown today. Others were popular varieties in the past, but are not comonly found today. The dates given below are for when the species were introduced. In many cases, after introducing a species such as the Shasta Daisy, Luther Burbank created many variations on the original species. Dates for those years of experimentation are not given.
Burbank Russet Potato (1873)
Crimson Winter Rhubarb (1900)
Burbank Admiral Pea (1908)
Santa Rosa Artichoke (1911)
Rainbow Corn (1911)
New Burbank Early Tomato (1915)
Elephant Garlic (1919)
Paradox Walnut (1893)
Royal Walnut (1893)
Himalaya Blackberry (1885)
Satsuma Plum (1886)
Van Deman Quince (1893)
Iceberg White Blackberry (1894)
Burbank Cherry (1903)
Rutland Plumcot (1905)
Santa Rosa Plum (1906)
Spinelss Cacti (1907)
Black Giant Cherry (1911)
Robusta Strawberry (1920)
Sebastopol Thornless Blackberry (1920)
Gold Nectarine (Introduced after Burbank's death)
Elberta Peach (Introduced after Burbank's death)
New Gladiolus hybrids(1899)
Lemon Giant Calla Lily (1893)
Tarrytown Canna Lily (1895)
Burbank Rose (1899)
White Agapanthus (1899)
Shasta Daisy (1901)
Mayflower Verbena (1901)
Santa Rosa Dahlia (1903)
Burbank Crimson California Poppy (1904)
Santa Rosa Shirley Poppies (1904)
Burbank's Giant Hybrid Amaryllis (1906)
Hybrid Watsonias (1908)
America Evening Primrose (1910)
Hybrid Sunflowers (1914)
Surprise Day Lily (1917)
Molten Fire Amaranthus (1922)
Tower of Gold Knophoria(poker plant) (1923)
Burbank Giant Dahlia Zinnia (1925)
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