Background Information

This page provides background information resources that can assist your use of the Luther Burbank Virtual Museum and/or the related student activities.
More Information about Luther Burbank: Web
More Information about Luther Burbank: Books
  • Harvest of the Years, Luther Burbank, with Wilbur Hall : This is Luther Burbank's autobiography published posthumously after his death in 1926. It's not so much a step-by-step life story but rather Luther Burbank's life story as told through his personal philosophies. The reader truly gets a sense of the author. May be a bit tricky to find, but certainly possible.
  • A Gardener Touched With Genius, by Peter Dreyer: A biography about Luther Burbank written quite a bit more recently that Harvest... Should be readily available.
  • Here a Plant, There a Plant, Everywhere a Plant, Plant, By Robert Quackenbush. Written at a 3rd/4th grade reading level. SCORE Cyberguide (literature guide and teaching unit) available for this book. Should be readily available.
  • Luther Burbank, Boy Wizard, by Olive W. Burt. Biography written in the 1940s and aimed at intermediate level students. May be hard to find.
  • Gold Ridge Farm, Luther Burbank's Experiment Farm, Sebastopol, California, A History of the Property, 1884-1986, Renee Feliciano, Robert Welborn. Detailed history of the farm property up to 1986. Available in the Sonoma County Library Annex, not sure about availability outside Sonoma County.

Grafting Down Under: This is an Australian site. It features the many types of grafting, with clear explanations and very good diagrams. It is almost appropriate for students(the author calls a protective grafting sleeve a "condom"). Use your own discretion!

Grafting American Style: Another clearly written site with understandable diagrams. Appropriate for children


Inventors' Hall of Fame: Official site for the Hall of Fame. Has brief biographical information about the dozens of people who have been inducted into the Inventors' Hall of Fame.

Greenfield Village: Huge village museum created by Henry Ford. Has original buildings associated with many famous inventors, including Luther Burbank.

There are many other sites scattered throughout the Virtual Museum...

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