Welcome to the Virtual Museum's Main Lobby!

There are three wings(areas) in the museum and a Teacher's Resource Store; descriptions for each place are given below. To visit any of the museum wings or the Teacher's Resource Store, just click on the icon by the description. Enjoy your visit!

Home and Gardens

This wing of the muesum features Luther Burbank's Home and Gardens in Santa Rosa. If you take the Present Tour, you will see the site as it appears today. The gardens are beautiful and full of interesting plants. You can also take a short tour of The Past and see how the Home and Garden looked during Mr. Burbank's lifetime. Click on the sign to the left to visit the Home and Gardens!

Gold Ridge Farm

In this area of the virtual museum, you'll visit the town of Sebastopol(just a few miles west of Santa Rosa) and Luther Burbank's Experimental Farm, Gold Ridge Farm. It was here that Luther Burbank had the space to run his thousands and thousands of plant experiments. When you visit this wing of the virtual museum, you can tour Gold Ridge Farm as it is today (the Present Tour), as well as see photos of the Farm in Mr. Burbank's lifetime. On both tours, you'll find out even more information about Luther Burbank and the plants he created! To visit Gold Ridge Farm, click on the sign to the left.


This section of the museum houses a set of smaller "collections" about parts of Luther Burbank's life: The Nursery Business, Famous People Burbank Knew, Special Festivals He Attended, Burbank and Local Children, and Luther Burbank: the Scientist. You'll see lots of rare primary sources (original Luther Burbank material such as his plant notes). You can even take in several Quicktime movies at the Burbank Bijou Theater starring who else but Luther Burbank!

Teacher Resources Store

This shop has a variety of teacher resources: Student Activities, Background Information, LB Virtual Museum Alignment with California's Academic Standards, and lots, lots more! Best of all, unlike most museum stores, eveything you see is free and yours for the using!

No virtual museum can be built alone; the Luther Burbank Virtual Musuem was built with the help of many hands. Click here to find out more about the Museum and those who helped make it possible.