The Lattice Fence

The Lattice Fence is not marked on any of the site maps, but it has some interesting information.
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Right now, we're on the walkway to Raised Beds #4.2. Charles Street is straight ahead and Spot #5, The Spineless Cactus, is behind us. The Lattice Fence is to the right. Circular sections of the Lattice Fence form the border for the Memorial Garden.
Now we've moved down the path a bit and can see all the Luther Burbank information on the Lattice Fence.
Here's a closer look at one of the information panels. These are pictures of varieties that Mr. Burbank created. And, on this panel, is a quotation from Mr. Burbank that Sonoma County residents love:

"I firmly believe, from what I have seen, that this is the chosen spot of all this earth as far as Nature is concerned."

Here's a closer look at another panel which features more of Mr. Burbank's creations. The quotation on this panel states:

"I shall be content if because of me there shall be better fruits and better flowers."

To see a list of some of Mr. Burbank's Famous Plant creations, click here.
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