The Greenhouse

Survivor of the 1906 Earthquake!

The 1906 Earthquake was famous for causing a lot of damage in San Francisco. The 1906 Earthquake was enormous, and caused damage in many areas far from San Francisco. Fifty miles north in Santa Rosa, it caused a lot of damage to many structures. Luther Burbank's glass greenhouse, amazingly survived the earthquake with no major damage!

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We are looking at the Greenhouse from the Butterfly Garden area. This is directly behind the enormous cactus display at Spot #5.

Door to the Greenhouse

Following the brick path, we've walked past the Raised Beds at Spot #4.3, and are now standing at the entrance to the greenhouse. The greenhouse is not open for the general public; if we were taking a docent-led tour, we'd get to go inside.

You may be wondering if the greenhouse is still used...

The answer is...

It is still used today to grow plants. Many of the plants grown in this "working" greenhouse are started from seeds and cuttings, just the way Luther Burbank once did. Some of these plants are sold to the Home and Garden visitors.

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