The Memorial Garden

In the very center of the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens is the area known as the Memorial Garden.
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The Santa Rosa Ave. Entrance

In this photo, we are standing on the Santa Rosa Ave. sidewalk, just outside the Home and Gardens. The "main" entrance to the Home and Gardens is by The Rose Garden. This is another entrance to the Gardens.

Through a Tunnel of Trees

Walking through the brick entrance, we stroll under some large trees. You can see into the center of the Memorial Garden. This garden was created in 1959 by the city of Santa Rosa to honor Luther Burbank.


Glancing Back at the Entrance


Walking into the Memorial Garden, we can turn back and see the lovely trees that shade the brick entrance.

Heart of the Garden

In the very center of the Memorial garden is a large flower bed. The flowers here are planted in beautiful. colorful patterns. In the center of this bed is a lotus sculpture.

Waterfall and Pond

At the very back of the garden is a beautiful and peaceful pond. Water lilies and other unusual plants grow in and around the pond. At the very back of the pond is a waterfall.

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