The Edge Walk

To be honest, there really isn't any location or path at the Home and Gardens that is actually called "The Edge Walk." The path we are going to take goes along the outside edge of the Home and Gardens; that's why I'm calling it "The Edge Walk."
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Let's Get Started!

Here we are at the beginning of the walk. To the left are the Raised Beds #4.2. You can see the picket fence which runs along the edge of the property. This corner of the walk has a section called "The Bird Garden." The plants in this little garden have seeds and berries that birds like to eat.

Find The Birdhouse!

Here, the path turns the corner and runs along the fence on Charles Street. If you look closely in this picture, you can see a birdhouse.

Special Treasures

We've walked down the path a bit, heading towards Santa Rosa Avenue. Instead of being a straight path that follows the fence line, the path is full of gentle curves. Inside each curve is a special garden view.


Luther Burbank didn't just work with fruits, vegetables, and flowers. He also worked with grasses. And, in the back of this view, you can see the yellow tip of his famous species, Tower of Gold.

Another great view as take a peek at the "inside edge" of the Edge Walk.

Here we are, looking towards Santa Rosa Avenue. The Edge Walk has left the outside part of the property and is circling the Memorial Garden. Spots #6 and #4.3 are out of view to the right.
The End of the Path

We've reached the end of the "Edge Walk." Straight ahead is a Sensory Garden (mainly smell and touch) and off in the distance...yes! It's Spot #5, The Spineless Cactus.

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