The Cutting Garden

The Cutting Garden isn't one of the numbered stops on the Home and Garden Tour, but it is certainly worth a visit! As you can tell from the Tour Map, when you exit the Rose Garden, the Cutting Garden is on the left.
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These cutting gardens are grown so that Luther Burbank's Home is filled with flowers. The gardens feature many types of flowers that he might have enjoyed. You can find salvia, dianthus, artemesia, and purple coneflowers in this garden.
Follow The Path

You can continue into the Cutting Garden by following a flagstone path. Some of the flowers visible here are yarrow, cosmos, butterfly bush, and alyssum. If you continue towards the fence and the trees in this picture, you'll get a special view.

A Special View

Here it is! There's a nice patch of lawn. You can see the verbena bonariensis; it's the tall purple flower on the right side of this photo. You can also see white blanket flowers. Straight ahead are some of the raised demonstration beds, as well as a public bathroom.

If you stay in this spot and turn towards your right, you can see the arbor from the Rose Garden as well as the Carriage House Gift Shop and just a hint of Luther Burbank's Home.
Garden Art

Cutting gardens such as this garden at the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens definitely serve an artistic purpose. Claude Monet, a famous French Impressionist painter, loved painting gardens. He created two very important gardens at his home in Giverny, France, so that he could always paint his favorite subjects, gardens. He even had a gardener whose full-time job was to tend to the waterlilies in his pond!

An Art Activity

Here's an activity that you might enjoy; using any type of art medium. Create a picture of your favorite flowers, fruits, or vegetables! You can draw inspiration from the Burbank Gardens, your own garden, or even visit Claude Monet's Gardens in Giverny, France. You can also go to a site that has links to many museums which have Monet's paintings. Enjoy! (Remember, before you visit Monet's gardens or view his art, you may want to bookmark this page. There is no direct connection back to this site. Both of the sites above are in French; to change the text to English, just click on the flag at the top of the first page.)

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