The Old-Fashioned Border Garden, Spot #7

A Very Pleasant Peaceful Place

As you can tell from the map, Spot #7 is hard to pin down with just one marker! The Old-Fashioned Border goes around the front lawn of the Luther Burbank Home on three sides. Many of the flowers and shrubs in these borders were popular during Luther Burbank's lifetime, with some of the varieties being introduced by Luther Burbank. On this part of the tour, you'll see many familiar plants which are still very popular today.

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In the upper left-hand corner, you can see part of the California live oak. Straight ahead is the street, Santa Rosa Ave. There's a small brick border that lines the flowerbeds. In these beds, you can see nasturtiums, alyssum, statice, and tree mallow.
Now the street is directly on your left(not shown) and Luther Burbank's Home is on you right. Some of the flowers and shrubs in view are verbena bonariensis, yarrow, spirea, and lilacs. You'll also find some amaranthus and butterfly bush(buddeliea). The closest tree is a green Japanese Maple. Although it's a bit hard to tell, there's a nice bench under the tree directly ahead.
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After taking a brief rest on that shady bench, you can look ahead, seeing the Luther Burbank Home to your right and the arbors of the Rose Garden directly ahead. Notice the white picket fence; this fence borders a large part of the Home and Garden property. There's a lovely magnolia tree on this side of the front lawn.
A Slight Detour...

Okay, okay, this isn't exactly where we'd walk next, but it shows this area in a different way. Remember the white fence from our previous viewing point? Here we are, on the other side(Oh, for the shade near the front lawn!). Part of the Old-Fashioned Border spills out and over the fence, full of terrific color.


Here's a closer look; you can see the large hydrangea blooms, as well as the tall spires of foxglove.

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