The Drought-Tolerant Garden, Spot #6

As you can see from the map, Spot #6 has the street (Santa Rosa Ave.), on one side, with more raised boxes on two other sides, and the lattice fence of the Memorial Garden on the other side. Being in California, which suffered a long drought(period without significant rainfall) in recent years, it is very important to find plants that can grow well without a lot of water. Most of this area is covered by a very large California live oak.
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Under the Oak Tree

From this viewpoint, we are looking at the oak tree. The street is on our left, and the Memorial Garden to our right(not shown). Past the oak, you can see raised beds, as well as the house and the greenhouse.

So, can you see many plants in this section(the area under the oak)? No! That's the point here; there aren't many plants that do thrive under a California live oak!

What Does Grow Under the Oak Tree?

Right now, we're by the very big California live oak. The plants that are growing under the oak are Point Reyes manzanita(a groundcover), and evening primrose. You can see the greenhouse ahead on this path.

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