Raised Beds #4.3

This set of Raised Beds is located near the Greenhouse, as you can see on the map to the right. Looking at the photos on the Home and Garden Past web pages, you can see that this area now hasn't changed that much over time.
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Columbine and Crinum Lilies

The bed closest to you has Columbine and the bed near the Home has Crinum Lily. The Crinum Lily is the white flower growing tall and looking as if it is scanning the area. You can also see a bit of the Greenhouse and the front of the Luther Burbank Home.

More Crinums

Another view of the crinum lily. The crinum lily has a huge bulb - it can be up to 18 inches long and weigh up to 15 pounds! In the background, by Santa Rosa Avenue, you can see butterfly bushes (the purple) and tree mallow.


These beds are located right by the greenhouse. The Carriage House is ahead and to the left. In the bed directly in front are some wonderful red canna lilies. Canna flower stems can easily grow to 5-6 feet tall and bloom well into the fall.

Luther Burbank did quite a bit of work with cannas and developed several new species with interesting leaves and bright flower colors. Cannas grow well on the West Coast and usually have no trouble making it through our winters. One big reason that Mr. Burbank worked with cannas is because he wanted to develop cannas that could survive very cold winters like those that the East Coast might have.

A Burbank Creation:

King Humbert Cannas

Here are some beautiful yellow King Humbert cannas. This photo was taken in June; if you were to see these plants in August, you'd be amazed. The flower stems would be probably 2 feet taller now!

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