Raised Beds - Spot #4.2

Beds That Change With the Seasons

To get to these beds, you have passed the information on the Lattice Fence and are now near the edge of the Luther Burbank Home and Gardens. At this set of raised beds, you get to see how the beds change from season to season.

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In June, there are many different beautiful flowers growing in these raised beds. Straight ahead, you can see the house across Charles Street. To the left, you can see the blackberry bushes. To you right is the Lattice fence(not shown).
Seasonal Changes

Here is the same raised bed in early August. It is planted with strawberries.

Shasta Daisies

Here they are, the famous Shasta Daisies! When Luther Burbank introduced this species in 1904, it was a totally new species. People from all over the world ordered these from Luther Burbank! Behind the Shasta Daisies is the information section, and a bit of the Carriage House. This photo was taken in June.

Rainbow Corn & Quinoa

Same bed, but now it is early August. The bed on the left is planted with rainbow corn (named for its colorful leaves) in the center. If you visit this bed in September, you'd see that the corn is over six feet tall! Quinoa, an important food in South America (sort of like cereal), is planted on the outside edges. Mr. Burbank worked on many unusual (to us) plant species from around the world.

Unusual Blackberry Species

Do you like blackberries, but hate the thorns? So did Luther Burbank, so he created a thornless blackberry bush, shown here. The berry is pretty small, but very tasty!

What about getting purple stains on your fingers when you pick blackberries? Well, how about white blackberries? Luther Burbank created this variety as well, sort of as a "plant breeder's joke." There isn't much change in this bed from June to August.

The Chrysanthemum Family

This last bed is full of lovely dahlias and zinnias. There are several types of colors and flower head sizes. Mr. Burbank created many different types of these flowers.

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