The Rose Garden, Spot #1

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Here is a close-up of one of the many beautiful roses that bloom in early June.
Come on In!

This is the one of the entrances to the Home and Gardens. The Rose Garden is off to the left. In the background, you can see the Carriage House. The doors are closed in this picture, but when it is open, you can buy some souvenirs and gifts. There are even plants for sale everyday. You can also sign up for the docent-led tours.

The Entrance

We're about to enter the Rose Garden. It is said that roses were Luther Burbank's favorite flower. In his lifetime, Santa Rosa held an annual Rose Carnival. Even though Mr. Burbank is gone now, the tradition continues today with the annual Luther Burbank Rose Parade held the third weekend in May. 


Inside the Rose Garden, the brick path winds through several arbors (wooden arches) which have climbing roses. As you can see, there is also a fountain in the center. There are dozens of rose varieties here. The Rose Garden features roses created by California hybridizers (rose species creators). Thanks to all the roses, this part of the Home and Garden Tour smells wonderful!

Burbank Rose

Since roses were his favorite flower, you may be wondering if Luther Burbank created any new rose species. Mr. Burbank worked for years to create roses that had nice fragrances. His "Burbank" rose won a medal as the best bedding rose at the 1904 Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Some of the other roses seen in the Rose Garden were used by Mr. Burbank in the creation of this Burbank rose.

Plant Characteristics

When new plant species, Luther Burbank worked to create plants that had "desirable" characteristics. For example, he loved the fragrance of roses, so he worked to create roses with nice scents. When he worked with roses, Mr. Burbank did not focus as much on other characteristics such as color, petal size, blooming season, etc. If you decided to create a new rose species, what plant characteristics do you think would be good for a rose to have?

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