New Shovel

Here, Mr. Burbank is demonstrating the "Burbank" shovel, probably in the late 1910s - early 1920s. Across the street, you can see a house. This was Mr. Burbank's residence for many years. The Home that is on the Present Tour was his home until 1906. After Luther Burbank's death, his widow, Mrs. Burbank, moved back into the original house and lived there until her death.

Dwarf Sunflowers

Luther Burbank, standing among some dwarf sunflowers in 1922. Since many sunflower species were tall, making the seeds hard to reach, it made sense to improve the species by shrinking its height. Mr. Burbank worked with sunflowers for many years.

  Amazing Flower Bulb!



If you took either of the Present Tours, you may recall the amazing claims about the size of the crinum bulb. Believe it or not - that's a crinum bulb that Mr. Burbank is holding! Dare I say, "Told you so?" I wouldn't do that...

Resting in the Shade

You may recognize the entrance to the Carriage House in this picture; it still looks much the same today. These are some of Mr. Burbank's garden workers taking a rest.

Luther Burbank's Gardening Tools

Okay, okay, so this photo wasn't exactly taken in Santa Rosa's "Past," but it certainly shows some valuable artifacts (manmade objects) that were actually used by Luther Burbank. These tools were part of a special Luther Burbank museum exhibit created by the Western Sonoma County Historical Society.

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