Gold Ridge Farm Tour: The Present

Black Locust

Here's a picture of Spot #26, Black Locust tree. Mr. Burbank thought that the locust was an interesting candidate for future work, possibly as food for animals.

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If you look in the field to the right of the path, you will Spot #27, Crabapple. This tree is beautiful in the springtime and has small red edible fruit.

Mr. Burbank was interested in this species and did many crossbreeding experiments with known apple varieties, especially the Russian. He wanted to create an apple species that would withstand hard winters. Although there were many, many apple species in Mr. Burbank's time, that didn't stop him from working with over 200,000 apple seedlings through the years.

Japanese Elaeagnus (Goumi)

Up on the right of the path is Spot #28, Japanese Elaeagnus. This is a flowering shrub that produces raisin-like fruit.

Mr. Burbank worked with this species to eliminate its thorns, and to improve the taste of its berries ("far from inviting"). He felt that this species held promise for future experiments.


French Lilacs

This is Spot #30, French Lilacs. As you can see the cottage is directly in front of us. These are purple and white hybrids, which have not bloomed on a regular basis, due to lack of sunshine. This past spring, several of the lilacs were in bloom.

Catalina Cherry

Let's take a little side trip so that we can see Spot #31, Catalina Cherry Tree. This is located to the right of the cottage entrance and is only barely visible in this photo(You can see just a bit in the very left side of the photo). This species originally came from the Channel Islands, off the coast by Santa Barbara.

Crinum Lilies

Now we've scampered back by the lilacs, we can go to the back of the cottage, arriving at Spot#5, Crinum Lily Hybrid. Spot#5? Well, this is where it is, so it seemed logical to include it here, instead of having you do all that extra walking! The flowers are white and trumpetlike, as you can see.

This is a hybrid developed by Mr. Burbank. The bulb is huge; it can be up to 18 inches in length and weigh 15 pounds!

Cottage Garden

These are two views of Spot #33, the Cottage Garden. This garden wasn't there in Luther Burbank's time, but it contains many of the plant species that he created. It's a bit hard to tell, but there's a plow in the center of the photo to the right.

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